Ideas for different KS Methods and Tools

Open Space
  • Synergies between different Question and Answer Services (ex. CTA/FAO)
  • A session on Icebreakers?
    • help people get to know each other (first time or more deeply)
    • surface assumptions and perspectives in preparation for the meeting
    • get issues on the table right away
    • work across power and culture barriers (or reinforce them if we are not careful!)
  • Graphic Recording/Facilitation
  • "Speed Geeking" but instead of for tech, for methods and/or tech (not mixed)
  • A reflection space - what am I learning? What new questions do I have
  • "Dr Diagnostics" (Lucie's idea) - people and perhaps a tool or checklist to help people pick sessions that meet their needs
    • I need a meeting facilitation technique
    • I need an online facilitation skill
    • I need to know how to pick tools for my team/group/network
    • I need knowledge sharing processes and practices
    • I need information sharing tools and practices
  • Evaluation of indivudal sessions (training)? harvesting ideas how the participants intend to use the tools and methods?