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  • a series of face-2-face learning events using techniques such as Peer Assists, Most Significant Change, AAR, etc.
  • a series of fun ways to share knowledge such as Chat/Talk Shows, World CafĂ©, Fish Bowl, etc.
  • a series of hands on technology workshops introducing tools such as Blogs, Skype, Online Collaboration Platforms, Wikis,
  • fun technology seminars such as publishing a video on YouTube, creating a podcast, Tagging, Photo Sharing, etc.
  • ideas for facilitating panel discussions of highlighted KS projects (proposal winners).
  • ideas for the atrium layout, informal spaces and reference points (help, agenda updates, daily blog sheet, etc.).
  • preparing a specific agenda for an afternoon session dedicated to developing a knowledge strategy.
  • fun staged interactions that engage participants (KM "diagnosis", KM theater).

Facilitators and Trainers

Materials to be ordered
  • Flip Charts
  • Flip Chart papers
  • Cards
  • Board/Wall: Open Space, Democracy Wall
  • from Nancy: Large rolls of paper (I can give you some source info when I get home)
  • from Nancy: Painters tape
  • from Nancy: Water based colored markers (I can also bring some as I have had a hard time finding beyond red, black, blue and green in Roma)
  • Post its of various sizes and colors
  • Nametags with BIG FIRST NAMES for everyone (maybe a station where people can make their own name tags?)
  • Any/all pin board available in the building
  • extension cords for where people will have laptops (surge protectors w/ multi plug ins) - power
  • from Lucie: not sure if the same as cards but coloured A4 paper is always good to have


Random Notes