Session: Content Management Systems training session

Trainers: Johannes Keizer, Giorgio Lanzarone, Valeria Pesce, Antonio Petti, Nicholas Waltham
Date and time: 21 Jan, 13:45 – 15:00
Room: Queen Juliana

Attendance: 35 people (see list), plus 5-6 late comers

Process: After the first minutes, when we had to decide how to split so many participants in groups, everything went very well. We had a very short introduction and then split into 4 groups according to the knowledge of CMSs and the specific CMS demonstrated (groups: Drupal beginners, Typo3 beginners, Drupal non-beginners, OpenCMS). Each group gathered around a computer with one or two trainers. People stayed on until after the end of the session and kept asking questions and showing interest.

Notes: Very little prior knowledge in the group (which is why we decided to demonstrate only one of the Java-based CMSs, which are less user-friendly). Some participants were interested in the main advantages / disadvantages of a system over another, which we did not tackle in depth because of the introductory character of the session and the limited time at disposal.
There was demand for a repeat, which Giorgio conducted the following day.